Therapy Solutions has high qualified professionals providing Occupational Health Services. We are ready to work with small and large companies to provide ready-for-work programs designed for new hires, physical exams, safe movement principle trainings and drug and alcohol screens for pre-employment and existing employees.

Therapy Solutions is able to do onsite testing, screening and training to ensure your employees are fit for work and ready to perform at their optimal levels.

We provide top-level services not available at other therapy clinics. Therapy Solutions is ready to be your provider of choice at all your work locations.

Drug/Alcohol Programs

Therapy Solutions partners with businesses to provide Department of Transportation (DOT) and Non-DOT drug and alcohol testing services. Our specialized services include a variety of resources. Our professionals are able to provide classroom or web-based training. We are able to come to your worksite to conduct testing.

DOT/Non-DOT Drug & Alcohol Collection

Therapy Solutions works with a variety of TBAs (Third Party Administrator) to meet each company’s individual needs. Therapy Solutions is a DISA certified site with all collections done by certified collectors. Onsite and after-hours services are available.

  • Drug-Urine/Saliva/Hair Follicle
  • Alcohol-Saliva/B.A.T.


Audiometric Hearing Tests: Collection and interpretation of hearing screens

Certified hearing technicians complete all hearing screens. Therapy Solutions provides assistance setting up and monitoring an effective hearing conservation program. Hearing tests include; pre-placement, baseline, annual and retest. Hearing screens are interpreted by an audiologist.

Respirator Fit Test: Therapy Solutions utilizes a Qualitative Fit Test (QLFT). Assistance with baseline and annual testing is available.

Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT):

  • Spirometry
  • Collection and interpretation of each PFT
  • Certified spirometry technicians complete all PFTs

A pulmonologist interprets PFTs and a written report of clearance or restrictions is provided. Assistance with set up and monitoring of an effective program including baseline and annual tests are available.

OSHA:  Review of OSHA clearance form by a pulmonologist.

DOT/CDL Exam:  The DOT-FMCSA physical exam consists of the necessary tests to complete the medical examination report form (long form) from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Pre-Employment/Pre-Placement Exam: The physical exam consists of: medical history, vitals, vision, audiogram, urinalysis (dip stick), physician’s “hands on” exam and physician written opinion.

Physical Ability Test/Pre-Work Screen: This is a physical test based on the functional job description to ensure individuals can safely perform the critical demands of a job for which they applied.t




Therapy Solutions utilizes the WorkWell Systems to match employees to work. WorkWell Systems is a nationally-recognized program designed to assist employers to maximize their work programs, employee functions and overall physical health and wellness.


Therapy Solutions became affiliated with WorkWell because it has a strong history of success and a focus on results:

  • Reduced costs
  • Better employee predictability
  • Better operational predictability
  • Healthier, happier employees


Under the WorkWell Systems, Therapy Solutions offers several services, including:

  • Injury Prevention
  • Functional Job Analysis (FJA)
  • Functional Job Description (FJD)
  • Screens or Physical Ability Test
  • WorkFIT Return to Work Screens & Fit for Duty Testing
  • Work Rehab (Work Conditioning & Work Hardening)
  • Ergonomic Analysis/Consultation
  • New Hire Conditioning
  • Preventative Care: Early Intervention Screening & First Aid
  • WorkMATCH Screen
  • Occupational & Physical Therapy
  • Safe Movement Training
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Transitional Work Program
  • WorkSTAT Screen
  • WorkFIT Screen
  • Written Program Management

ND Workforce Safety & Insurance Ergonomic Initiative Grant: By providing basic tools necessary to conduct ergonomic assessments; we will be able to address some of these issues early on, before they become claims.

For more details visit WSI website at: www.workforcesafety.com

Ergonomic Initiative Grant