Our Team

Tom Henke

Tom Henke, PT, MPT

Tom graduated in 2000 with a master’s degree in Physical Therapy from the University of North Dakota. After graduating, he spent two years practicing in a long-term acute care setting. In 2002, Tom and his family moved to Dickinson where he began working in an outpatient setting. He joined Therapy Solutions in 2011 working within our Dickinson outpatient clinic. In 2016, in addition to his role as a physical therapist Tom moved into the role of North Clinic Manager.

Tom’s areas of expertise/specialties:

  • Post-surgical recovery
  • Injury recovery
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation focusing on the hip, knee and ankle
  • Neurological rehabilitation

Why I work for Therapy Solutions:

Therapy Solutions provides a family atmosphere for both the therapists and clients. As a company, we recognize that to successfully treat clients, we need to be aware of not only the injury but all other factors that may affect their ability to be successful with therapy. We are able to guide people’s recovery, allowing them to return to their maximum potential. It’s incredible to see people be excited to regain opportunities they may have thought were unattainable. As a physical therapist at Therapy Solutions I have the opportunity to help you “Take Your Life Back.”