Category: Post-Surgical

Joshua W.

Sep30th 2020

Standing and walking were difficult before my surgery! After my surgery to now, walking is now pretty much painless! Standing is something I do for hours now! Couldn’t before. Quality of life is now much better. I can chase my grandson around without much pain.

Sep30th 2020

Patricia D.

My problem started a year or so ago. I could hardly walk, stand, sit, lay, etc. due to the fact my hip was in such bad shape. I opted to have a hip replacement. My hip was in such horrible shape that pins/screws were used on my hip. I started therapy and have continued to progress slowly, but still progressing daily.

Sep30th 2020

Gary L.

Since having both shoulders replaced, I have enjoyed a much better quality of life!! What once caused pain is now nearly pain-free. Motions I could not do without pain have greatly improved and with little to no pain. I credit my recovery to the care and advice I was given by Tom. I knew I could ask a question and that he would answer it honestly and in terms I could understand. His explanations always put my mind at ease as I worked on my recovery to regain strength and surpass my pre-surgery range of motion. Thank you, Tom!!!