Category: Pre-Surgical

wally o Oct1st 2020

Wally O.

I started pre-surgery physical therapy with Brian at Therapy Solutions. We reached a point where he felt I was ready for surgery. Being properly prepared removed much of the anxiety associated with this type of surgery. The doctor following surgery and the post-surgical therapists said I was the best-prepared patient they ever had. My pain level was manageable between 4 and 5. I was released the following day from the hospital and could walk unassisted in 3 days following surgery.

Sep30th 2020

Janel F.

I received a PRP injection and started PT, hopeful to just be able to move my arm behind my back or out to the side without having surgery. At the time I could not put on a coat, lift my arms in front of me, reach out to grab coffee at a drive up window, rake my yard, or even open a jar without pain due to a worn out rotator cuff. 8 weeks later, I can do all of those things with only minor irritation. I am grateful for Tom’s help and hope to have put off surgery for a while.

Sep30th 2020

Bonita A.

I thought I was facing another back surgery as the symptoms I had were comparable to the previous 2 surgeries. My therapist was able to help me using ultrasound and exercises. Before beginning treatment, I was unable to sleep due to pain in my right hip going down to my ankle. I could only walk a short distance—less than a block—could not climb stairs without pulling myself up, nor could I ride in a vehicle without increased pain. I am now pain-free, can walk without any trouble, climb stairs, and ride in a vehicle.