Category: Therapeutic Exercise

Sep30th 2020

Bonita A.

I thought I was facing another back surgery as the symptoms I had were comparable to the previous 2 surgeries. My therapist was able to help me using ultrasound and exercises. Before beginning treatment, I was unable to sleep due to pain in my right hip going down to my ankle. I could only walk a short distance—less than a block—could not climb stairs without pulling myself up, nor could I ride in a vehicle without increased pain. I am now pain-free, can walk without any trouble, climb stairs, and ride in a vehicle.

Justin S.

Sep30th 2020

With therapy, the pain I was experiencing has greatly diminished. I am able to go back and do the everyday tasks and activities I used to enjoy. Workouts are getting better and with the therapy, I was able to use those exercises to help me get stronger and get back to normal.

Doug S.

Sep30th 2020

After my surgery, my hip was sore and stiff with very limited range of motion. The different exercises made a noticeable difference after each visit. Tom was very knowledgeable and helpful on the do and don’t do actions to keep the progress moving forward. I would recommend your business to anybody I know.